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Learning Pathways

Using Pathways on Aptree

Pathways on Aptree allow you to create curated collections of courses that can be assigned to groups or individuals, streamlining the learning journey for your users. Whether you're an administrator creating learning paths for specific departments or a learner pursuing a structured curriculum, the Pathways feature simplifies the process of accessing and assigning courses.

  1. Access Pathways Page: After logging in to your Aptree account, locate the "Pathways" section in the main menu
  2. View Existing Pathways: The Pathways page will display a list of existing pathways. Each pathway represents a collection of courses that users can follow.

Creating a New Pathway

Initiating Pathway Creation:

  • To create a new pathway, click on the "Create New Pathway" button

Pathway Details:

  • Provide a name and optional description for the new pathway. Make the name descriptive to indicate its purpose or content.
  • Enter an estimated time the pathway will take to complete
  • Enter a description
  • Set publication status to drafts or publish when ready
  • Toggle on to offer a certificate of completion (this will email them a pdf when they have completed the pathway)
  • Add a cover image

Adding Courses:

  • Click the "Add Courses" button to open a selection interface.
  • Browse through the available courses and select the ones you want to include in the pathway

Save and Finish:

  • After adding and ordering the courses, save the pathway. The new pathway will now be available for assignment.

Assigning Pathways

  • In the main pathway page click the menu on the pathway card and click "assign" Choose the user or group you want to assign the pathway to.

Confirm and Assign:

  • Confirm your selection and save the changes. The selected users or group members will now have the assigned pathway in their learning journeys.

Managing Pathways

Editing Pathways:

  • If you need to modify a pathway, go to the Pathways page and select the pathway you want to edit. You can add, remove, or reorder courses as needed.

Removing Pathways:

  • If a pathway is no longer relevant, you can delete it from the Pathways page. Be cautious as this action might affect users who are following the pathway.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Clear Naming: Name your pathways descriptively to reflect their content or purpose.
  • Courses are asynchronous: We plan to offer the option of ordering classes in the future but right now they are simply collections of courses
  • Regular Updates: Periodically review and update pathways to include new courses or adjust content based on feedback.