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Teams Reporting

Exploring Teams Reporting on Aptree

The Teams Reporting feature on Aptree offers a hierarchical view of performance data, allowing administrators and teachers to dive deep into learners' progress within teams. This tool facilitates effective monitoring and evaluation at various levels of your learning community.

  1. Teams Overview: Within the Reports section, locate the option for "Teams Reporting" or a similar label. This is the highest level of reporting.
  1. Select a Team: You'll likely see a list of teams or groups available in your platform. Choose the team you want to view data for.
  2. Team Courses: Once you select a team, you'll be presented with a list of courses your team has been enrolled in. Select the desired course to see an overview of the results for that course
  1. Individual Reports: On the individual team member's page, you'll find detailed data about their performance, progress, and achievements within the selected team.


  • Our reporting is considered a minimal viable product: We have many plans to enrich this section but want to do it based on user feedback on their highest priority needs