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Integrations Settings

The Integrations Settings page on Aptree allows administrators to seamlessly connect external services and tools to enhance the functionality of the platform. From AI capabilities to video hosting and authentication, this is where you can set up integrations to optimize the user experience.

Configuring Integrations

OpenAI Credentials:

  1. API Key: Locate the input field for "OpenAI API Key" or "API Credentials." This is where you'll provide the API key you obtained from OpenAI.
  2. Enter API Key: Input the API key carefully, ensuring there are no extra spaces or characters.
  3. You must signup for an Open AI account to recieve your api credentials
  4. Enter an organization if you have multiple in your api Credentials:

  1. API Credentials: Find the section labeled " Credentials" or similar.
  2. Enter Credentials: Provide the necessary API credentials, which may include keys or tokens, obtained from your account. | API to host, manage and deliver videos lets you quickly and securely deliver on-demand and live-stream videos directly from your website, software, or app.

Google Login Credentials:

  1. Google OAuth: Look for the "Google OAuth" or "Google Login" section.
  2. Configure OAuth: You'll need to set up OAuth credentials within your Google Developer Console for authentication.
  3. Enter Credentials: Input the obtained Client ID and Client Secret into the appropriate fields.

Tips and Considerations:

  • Secure Storage: Ensure that you store credentials securely and avoid sharing them openly.
  • OpenAI Access: Make sure you've signed up for OpenAI and obtained valid API credentials.
  • Account: Set up an account with to obtain the necessary credentials.

Best Practices:

  • Testing: After entering credentials, thoroughly test the integrations to ensure they are working as expected.