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Users and Teams

Creating Teams

Managing Teams on Aptree

The Teams feature on Aptree enables you to create and manage groups of students, providing an organized and collaborative learning environment. Whether you're an educator aiming to facilitate group projects or a learner seeking to collaborate with peers, the Teams feature offers a seamless way to connect and engage.

Defining a "Team"

  1. Name your Team: Depending on your organization you may group people into "teams" or "classes" or "cohorts" regardless of what you call your groups you can easily set this in the settings.

Simply changing the name will update headings throughout the app to give you full customization.

Initiate Team Creation:

  • Navigate to the teams page
  • Click "Create Team"
  • Set the Team Name and click "create"

Adding Members:

  • After creating the team, you'll have the option to add members.
  • Choose from existing users by selecting them from a dropdown

Define Team Roles (Optional):

  • You can change the team owner here. This would be the class instructor in a school setting.

Delete a Team:

  • Teams can be deleted from this page.

Assigning Content

  1. From the Teams main page, select the menu button on the card and click "Assign"


  • Courses: Select one or more individual courses to assign to the team
  • Pathways: Select pathways (collections of courses) to bulk assign to the team
Clicking Save will add their assignments automatically

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Clear Team Names: Choose descriptive team names to help members identify their groups easily.