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Fight inflation with open source

The current wave of inflation is impacting organizations in multiple ways.

Ben Waddell

The current wave of inflation is impacting organizations in multiple ways. Firstly, it increases the cost of goods and services, which in turn raises operational expenses. For educational institutions and businesses with training and development programs, this means higher costs for educational resources and technology.

Moreover, inflation leads to tighter budgets and necessitates cutbacks in various areas. Organizations are forced to reevaluate their expenditures, often compromising on innovation and growth initiatives, including employee training and development programs.

Open Source Learning Platforms: A Solution to 'Deflate' Your Budget

A motivating factor in why we open-sourced our learning platform is to help organizations move away from expensive SAAS models. We believe open source platforms can play a critical role in 'deflating' organizational budgets in several ways:

  1. Self-Hosting: A few open source learning platforms, including ours, offer community editions that are completely free. These versions provide essential features necessary for effective learning and training, without the hefty price tag of commercial software. Self hosting our community edition with all the possible integrations (chatgpt, currently), and hosting on a decent cloud server will cost less than $100 a month– for small teams we can host it for you for less.
  2. Reduced Technical Debt: Opting for managed hosting services with an open source platform means organizations can significantly reduce their technical debt. These services offer the dual advantage of a robust learning platform without the need for extensive in-house tech teams, translating into direct cost savings. Large platforms like moodle and canvas often mean hiring your own team to manage them. For a limited number of organizations we can be your technical team.
  3. Customization and Flexibility: Unlike proprietary solutions, open source platforms can be customized to fit the specific needs of an organization. This means paying only for what you really need, avoiding unnecessary features that often bloat the budget.
  4. Community Support: One of the strengths of open source platforms is transparency and community support. This can reduce costs related to training, troubleshooting, and updating the software, as much of this support is available through the community forums and resources.

An argument for managed hosting services

Managed hosting services for open source learning platforms offer a particularly effective way to counter inflationary pressures. These services provide not just the software but also handle its deployment, maintenance, and updates. By offloading these technical responsibilities, organizations can reduce staffing needs and operational costs, focusing their resources on core educational or business functions.

In an era where inflation is squeezing organizational budgets, open source learning platforms offer a practical and efficient solution. The adaptability, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of these platforms, makes them an ideal choice for organizations looking to optimize their spending and maintain a competitive edge in these challenging economic times.

Explore our open source learning platform today – whether you're looking for a free community edition or need a fully managed hosting service, we're here to help you 'deflate' your budget and achieve your learning and development goals efficiently.