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A fresh, modern, open-source learning platform for teams

Aptree is a modern, open-source learning management system designed to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience.

  • Built on the Tall Stack
  • Managed or Self hosting
  • Built in modern integrations
A fresh, modern, open-source learning platform for teams

Aptree is a modern learning platform

for organizations looking for a cost-effective intuitive way to distribute online learning content

Aptree is a modern learning platform

With a focus on the Learning Experience

We searched every open-source platform for a rich, interactive learning experience and we found it lacking

Online learning starts with the learning experience. We built a clean, simple, interactive learning experience for your users.

Quickly elevate your online learning experience by creating engaging, interactive, user friendly learning experiences

With a focus on the Learning Experience

An Intuitive Authoring Experience

With the right combination of tools, you can create an engaging learning experience quickly and intuitively.

An Intuitive Authoring Experience

Built in Recording Tools

To quickly and efficiently record your lectures

  • Draw on the Screen
  • Move and resize the image
  • Progressively uploaded and able to use right away
Built in Recording Tools

Simple User Management

Quickly build teams of users and assign their roles as a learner, editor or add another administrator.

Simple User Management

Packed with Features

User Management

Easily add new users via email, csv upload, or with integrations through zapier

User Roles

Easily assign users a status whether they are a learner, instructor or site admin

Course Library

Make your content library publicly available to your users or assign them specific content, or both. 

White Labeling

Whether hosting yourself or with our help your platform can be white labelled with your own logo and color scheme

Learning Paths

Create collections of courses to quickly assign groups or individual users


Using quizzes create an interactive learning experience. Set minimum passing scores for content sections

Record Video In App

Using the integration easily create your own content from your screen, web cam or both

Manage Cohorts

Easily create teams and assign instructors, bulk assign content and download reports

AI integration

Quickly create feedback questions or quizzes with our built in Open AI integration

Integrate with 1000s of apps

Starting with zapier easily integrate our learning platform with your favorite apps


We created a light weight gradebook for learners as well as easy to view reporting tools for instructors

Image integration with unsplash

We baked in unsplash so you can quickly search royalty free images and embed them into your courses with proper attribution

Always Open-Source

Empowering Collaboration and Innovation

We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of community. That's why we're proud to announce that our learning platform is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Freedom to Use: You are free to use our learning platform for any purpose. There are no limitations on how you can utilize the software.
  • Freedom to Study: You can look under the hood, understand how the software works, and make it better for everyone.
  • Freedom to Modify: You have the liberty to personalize the platform according to your needs. Plus, you can contribute back to the community by sharing your improvements.
Always Open-Source